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    Hi everyone,

    The term I having troubles with is within the description of the monitoring for a drug in its guideline. It appears as follows:

    'Baseline and weekly audiometry and the E-test are recommended for patients who require greater than 2 weeks of aminoglycoside therapy'

    I do not manage to figure out what the E-test consist on and its translation into Spanish. I think the original text comes from Canada.

    Any suggestions?? Many THANKS!

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    The Epsilometer test (usually abbreviated Etest) is a laboratory test used by microbiologists to determine whether or not a specific strain of bacterium or fungus is susceptible to the action of a specific antibiotic. ...

    Prueba de epsilometría, varias veces abreviado como E-Test, es una prueba de laboratoria usado por los microbiologos para determinar si una cepa especifica de una bacteria o un hongo es susceptible a la acción de antibioticos específicos. ...

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