E' una tale benedizione quando una nuova vita illumina le nostre vite!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Jamila, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Jamila

    Jamila Senior Member

    Ciao a tutti!

    Please, is it correct to say

    "It's such a blessing when a new life enlight our lives" ? New life meaning when a baby is born.

    Does it sound right?

    Thank you for your replies.
  2. Saoul

    Saoul Senior Member

    Spain, Valencia
    Solo un suggerimento. Aspetta qualche madrelingua.
  3. cas29

    cas29 Senior Member

    Milan Italy
    The form of the word is "enlightens"
    but what works better here is "brightens"

    A very nice sentiment!

    Edited to add:
    good catch Saoul!
    (we cross posted!)
  4. Jamila

    Jamila Senior Member

    Thank you both! :)
  5. ElaineG

    ElaineG Senior Member

    Brooklyn NY
    Brightens, come ha detto Cas, o "lights up".

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