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Im translating an Austrian medical bill. I believe in Austria the amount doctors can charge patients for particular services is determined by law and if the patient choses to seak private treatment there is a "Faktor" by which this pre-determined price can then be increased.
Im looking for fitting terms in english to translate E.-W. , which is, I believe, the abbreviation for this basic rate and for Faktor, by which the basic rate is multiplied to get the sum charged to private patients.
my initial attempt:

E.-W. - Base rate
Faktor - Private coefficient


  • sokol

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    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    In Austria rates for medical bills are fixed for those treated on national health insurance (Gebietskrankenkasse, and a few others), but for private patients there is no limit - a doctor may charge a private patient any sum he likes.

    However, private patients also MUST be insured with national health care, and they get a percentage refunded by it if they take private patient treatment (the refund amounts to 80% of the fixed tariff paid, if I remember correctly, so you get not even the fixed tariff refunded fully).

    It might well be the case that "E.-w." stands for the amount the "Gebietskrankenkasse" (or other institution) pays - but I can only guess here as I don't go to private treatment.
    You can only hope to attempt a translation if you find someone who knows about this stuff - or if you find another online resource. I'm sorry but with guesses you might very well get a wrong translation.
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