EA: الدم بيجيب دم والظلم بيجيب خراب

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    الدم بيجيب دم والظلم بيجيب خراب انتي نسيتي ولا ايه طب واللي ظلم. ماله اللي ظلم المظلوم بيتساوي مع الظالم لما يفكر ينتقم

    This is a standalone post by one of my egyptian friend,
    Can you please tell me what does it mean? in english.
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    It sounds like some kind of dialogue. "Violence only leads to more violence, and injustice only destruction. Have you forgotten that?" "Right, how about the wrong-doers?" "What's the matter with them? One who has been wronged is no different than a wrong-doer, when he thinks of revenge."

    I may be wrong.

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