EA: انتوا جنبكو vs جنبكو


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Talking among some friends about where we live, one of them has exclaimed that "!انتوا جنبكو كل حاخة " (and he wanted to say, and we all understood, "there is everything around you, around your flat" (shops, cinema, supermarket and even a mall).

Did he need the pronoun انتوا before saying جنبكو ? Couldn't he say just ! جنبكو كل حاخة to express the same admiration/surprise?

  • Yes, he could.

    I don’t know how to explain this. Maybe it’s a bit more emphatic to add انتو. Anyway it doesn’t feel unnatural.
    Thanks. I guess it's just one of those constructions that every language has and (fortunately) nobody has fixed as a rule in the grammars! I'll try tu use it, to be more "baladi"!!!