EA: انت نازل الدور الكام / اي محطة

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    انت نازل الدور الكام (اسانسير ) او انت نازل اي محطة ( اتوبيس)0

    How can one say the above in English?
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    Colloquially, we would usually say:
    in US English, but some people object to ending a sentence with a preposition, and they might prefer:
    (The latter sounds overly formal to me, but some people would insist that the former is incorrect.)

    For the second:
    or, similarly:
    The key points are that the verb نزل is translated, here, as "to get off." We use the present tense because we're talking about the immediate, planned future.

    These are fairly literal translations. We might also say:
    I can't remember whether or not محطّة is used for both what we'd call a "station" and what we'd call a "stop." In English, a "station" is a regular stopping place that usually has multiple buildings, and usually is a meeting place for multiple routes. For buses, if the place where the bus is letting passengers on and off only has a small shelter, or has no building at all, we just call it a "stop." Are these both called محطّة in Egypt? If you're riding a bus, and it's possible that it's going to stop at some location other than a central station, we'd be more likely to ask:
    Bob Offer-Westort
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    Where are you getting off?

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