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  1. ssbws Member

    Dear colleagues,
    What does the phrase بعد الشر mean and when is it used?
  2. Serious dude Member

    Oh dear! Don't say this! I hope nothing bad happen to you.
  3. Interprete Senior Member

    French, France
    isn't it the equivalent of 'touching wood' in English?
  4. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    Not quite. You say it when mentioning something bad/taboo (like cancer, or w/e). You'll even see this on news stories where the word سرطان pops up.

    I think it's ba3iid though, no?
  5. elroy

    elroy Sharp-heeled Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    You must be thinking of بعيد الشر without عنك.

    بعيد الشر عنك is specifically in reference to the person spoken to, if they make a reference to dying, getting cancer, etc.

    For example:

    أنا صرت ختيار، يمكن أموت السنة.
    بعيد الشر عنك!

    إذا ما دهنتش كريم على جلدي يمكن يصيبني سرطان جلد.
    بعيد الشر عنك!

    (Of course, my examples are in Palestinian and would be somewhat different in Egyptian.)
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  6. Hemza

    Hemza Senior Member

    Paris, France
    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    The equivalent in French (@Interprete ) would probably be: "éloigner le mauvais sort" (bien qu'on ne l'utilise pas comme interjection).
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  7. ssbws Member

    That is to say, بعد الشر عنك is the same as بعيد عنك which is said when we mention something bad (a desease, death or else)?
    By the way, how بعد in بعد الشر عنك pronounced? Definately, as بَعِّد isn't it?
  8. elroy

    elroy Sharp-heeled Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    No, بعيد عنك is different. That's used after the speaker says something taboo, not in response to something taboo. Also, بعيد عنك is more of a stock phrase said without much emotion, whereas بعيد الشر عنك is an emotional wish for the other person's well-being.
  9. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
    That is what is meant by it, but it's actually pronounced: بِعْد. The kasra is actually somewhere between a kasra and a fatHa, but closer to a kasra (I think).
  10. ssbws Member

    So, which option is more correct: بعد الشر عنك or بعيد الشر عنك?
    Kalaam Gamil Volume 1 course says بعد الشر عنك but it isn't clear how to pronounce بعد either with tashdid or there was a misprint and there should have been بعيد?
  11. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
    بعيد الشر is used in Palestinian Arabic, I don't know if Egyptians use it. بعد الشر is not used in PA (at least not that I know of), but is commonly used in EA.
  12. elroy

    elroy Sharp-heeled Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    Yes, my answers are all based on Palestinian; I didn't want to venture any statements about Egyptian.

    In addition to بعيد الشر we also say من غير شر and كفينا الشر.
  13. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    It's pronounced ba3desh-sharre 3annak, though it's more common to use بعد الشر عليك, or no preposition at all: just ba3desh-shar. And it does mean: I hope the bad thing just mentioned never happens to you.
    I'd say it's more "à Dieu ne plaise".
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