EA: حط في بطنك بطيخة صيفي


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السلام عليكم جميعا،

أنا مشترك جديد. اتمنى ان اقدر على ان افيد، واستفيد.

هل من بينكم من يعرف تعبيرا انكليزيا يتوافق مع هذا التعبير المصري؟ تعبير وليس المعنى.

السلام عليكم

  • حط فبطنك بطيخة صيفيPut a summer watermelon in your stomach?Can anyone explain this expression?
    and also how it's used?
    Great new expression!I am a bit confused though, because it doesn't mean the same as 'you can bet your bottom dollar'... Or does Haroon mean 'you can bet your bottom dollar everyhting will be alright' ?Thanks
    I don't know this dollar expression, and have no idea what you guys are up to across the Atlantic!
    I love this expression and it really does sound like something one of my aunts would say to me! The closest meaning I can think of is 'take it eaaasy!'
    It is not easy to construe a connection but I thought of two possible interpretations for how this expression came to give this meaning.

    The first possible interpretation is that water melons are eaten to cool the body and provide it with water when the weather is hot and unbearable. So, amid all this tension, cool down buddy, take it easy, etc.

    The second possible interpretation reminds us of the expression (في المشمش) used when you want to tell someone (never expect that to happen soon or at all), in reference to the long term apricot trees consume before producing their fruit. Similarly, حط في بطنك بطيخة صيفي could mean: you may consider summer fruits available to you right now before the summer comes, your deal is done and you'll get what you wanted.
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    It seems that حط في بطنك بطيخة صيفي is used to reassure (إطمئن). Does anybody know the relation between the literal and the figurative meaning?
    Second question Is there بطيخ other than صيفي?
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    I don’t think so. Doesn’t “hold your horses” mean be patient?
    The Egyptian expression means “rest assured”, “don’t worry at all” (about something).