EA: رجل سلعوة كتعة شعرها فحلقي

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    This must be an Egyptian expression that I'm not familiar with.

    Here's the whole post:

    مجلس التعاون الخليجي بيلعب كل الألعاب مع مصر.. المرحلة الجاية هيعمل عمل للثورة دي ويربطه في رجل سلعوه كتعة شعرها فحلقي #Egypt #GCC

    I'm wondering- who is this Jackal-person?

  2. cherine

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    :D I don't know how to explain this. But to understand it, you need to have some background idea about sorcery, black magic or just plain magic (lots of such references are used, mostly as jokes, in Egyptian movies).

    You know, there's this belief that a person can cast a spell on someone, write that spell on a piece of paper, and then burry it. The idea is that if the victim can find the piece of paper, he can go find another magician/sorcerer who would break that magic/spell, and set the victim free. Now, the thing is, if the first magician/sorcerer is evil/bright enough, he would burry the piece of paper somewhere where no one can find it, like in a casket that he would then through in the high sea or the ocean, or tie it to the leg/foot of a bird or a wild animal...etc.

    This brings us to the joke in your text. It's talking about the GCC (Gulf Countries, but the reference is mainly to Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Kuwait) playing all kind of tricks with Egypt, and that the next step will be that they will cast a spell on the revolution (to end it/totally destroy it) and tie that spell in the foot of a limping "sal3awwa" whose hair is of undefined color.

    I don't know what a sal3awwa is, but many believe it's more of mythological creature, or some kind of dog-wolf breed. From time to time (read every couple of years or so) we'd hear stories about people getting bitten/killed by a sal3awwa, and calls for people to be careful, not stay late at night, avoid deserted places...etc. After a few days, the story fades into oblivion, tell the next time it fills the news.

    The term fo7lo2i is used for a color you can't really describe.

    I hope this clarified the metaphor a bit.
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    There is a book with the title of الحياة بقى لونها فحلقي في الإسكندرية and the reviewer of the book says that «... اللون الفحلقي هو اللون الشفاف...» and I think that شُفاف means "transparent" --- would that be a good translation for فحلقي ?
  4. iyavor Senior Member

    Hi Cherine, Alkooha,

    Thanks so much for the explanation! I had no idea there was so much folklore behind this expression... but then again, that's usually the case with so many Arabic expressions. I guess the intention is that the Gulf States, according to the author, have tried everything, and not they'd even resort to sorcery to put out the flames of the Egyptian revolution... would that be a correct understanding?
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    What is the meaning of كتعة ?

    يعمل عمل means to "write a magical spell" (or "have it written"). This is also used in Syria.

    There is a surprising number of Arab people who still believe in the effectiveness of magical spells. This is not necessarily because they are ignorant or superstitious, but it appears that many believe that Islam says that magical spells are true and do work.
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    Well, reading the whole sentence would be better:
    Which brings us back to what I said: that fo7lo2i is a color you can't really describe, what is fo7lo2i to you, can have a name by another person. :) This is why I would translate it as "undetermined" or "undefined" (undefinable?) color.
    Yes, kind of. But you need to keep in mind that this is being said sarcastically.
    As far as I know, it means someone who limps. The masculine is akta3 أكتع, like a person with شلل أطفال.
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    Thank you Cherine. I see that I'd jumped to an unwarranted conclusion about fo7lo2i
  8. cherine

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    No problem, you just needed to finish the sentence. We all misread texts from time to time. :)

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