EA: روشتة عمل

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by iyavor, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. iyavor Senior Member

    Hi everyone,

    What is this? Does this mean "a work plan"?

    Here's the context:

    روشته عمل

    Any comments or insights are welcome! :)

  2. akhooha Senior Member

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    That's the context?? In giving context, one would hopefully supply the words before the phrase and after it, and also give an idea where one has read or heard the words... Thanks
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  3. clevermizo Senior Member

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    Hi Ilan -

    What you have provided is not the context. It is just the term itself. Please provide context, meaning a sentence or situation in which the term was found or heard.


  4. iyavor Senior Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm sorry- forgot to include the context... :D silly me.

    اللواء طارق مهدى بيقول اعطونا روشته عمل

    Hope that helps..
  5. akhooha Senior Member

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    I don't want to turn this into a discussion about context, but "context" ideally contains more than just the full sentence and can be essential in determining the correct meaning.
    Let me give you a rough example: Say you've got the sentence "This is a well known ring".
    Context A: in an article about jewelry.
    Context B: in an article about organized crime.
    Until you give the environment (i.e. "context") in which the sentence was found, one will not be able to give you a definitive answer to your question about the meaning of "ring"....

    روشتة means a prescription...
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