EA: سبهللي يابوعلي والدنيا سايبه

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  1. panview Senior Member

    what does the proverb سبهللي يابوعلي والدنيا سايبه mean in the following sentence:
    واغلب المديرات ليست على كفائة ولاتمتلك قدرة على التعامل مع المدرسات باسلوب علمي اداري فني والمثل يقول سبهللي يابوعلي والدنيا سايبه
    English:Most managers are not efficient and not possess the capacity to deal with teachers in a scientific manner technician and administrative proverb says Sabhlli Aabualla and lower Saybh
    As you see, I don't know "Sabhlli ,Aabualla ,Saybh".I wonder if you give me an explanation.
  2. wellwall New Member

    سبهللة without limitations/rules/ restrictions.
    ابوعلي neck name usually for حسن ,
    سايبة is the feminine form of سائب unrestricted / unlimited /unleashed .
    i think the meaning is "dear abu 3aly it is a whimsical{situation / time} .

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