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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Interprete, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Many Egyptian families seem to use a lot of سمنة in their cooking.
    Wikipedia tells me it is a kind of 'clarified butter' (butter that is cooked to get rid of the water), but according to the explanations I have heard here, I understood it to be closer to lard (except it's not made from pork) or tallow.

    Does anyone know for sure?

  2. cherine

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    There's a couple of previous post about this. Try searching with the word سمن.

    I don't know how lard is made (except that it's porc), so I can't help you with the comparison. All I know is that es-samn(a) is made of milk.
  3. Interprete Senior Member

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    Thank you Cherine.
    Lard is quite simply pork fat. Several Egyptians from different places described semnah as being just that: animal fat (but not milk) which is heated to get rid of the water. Apparently it's used very heavily by poor families, whereas richer people try to switch to just butter and vegetal oils. Everybody seems to say that semna is completely different from butter, so I am surprised.
    I'll keep looking, thanks!
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    It's used extensively by everybody and is delicious too :)
    Having said that I don't know how it's made - but I do think it's like ghee. Certainly expats in the west use ghee as a replacement.
  5. tr463 Senior Member

    I always thought it was something like Crisco.
  6. MarcB Senior Member

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    It is not at all like Crisco.It is not a hydrogenated oil. It is clarified butter known as
    إسكندراني said ghee a word borrowed from The Subcontinent. In the Us lobster is often served with clarified butter and is call such when used for lobster.

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