EA: صربعة/ سربعة، مرقعة


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Hi! I came across this while reading something in Egyptian Arabic and couldn't figure out the meaning of these two underlined words, would appreciate it if someone could explain.

فات شهور وعملنا حادثة
كان سببها الصربعة
طيش شباب وهزار سواقه
وضحك فاضي ومرقعة

Thanks for the help!
  • ayed

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    Sarba'ah= reckless or hurry
    Marqa'ah= pampering; mollycoddling

    But wait until natives confirm


    Arabic (Egypt).
    sarba3a (usually pronounced with a س rather than a ص) means rushing, like when you push someone to do something very quickly, or when someone is rushing to do something very quickly.

    mar2a3a is difficult to explain, but it's related to lack of seriousness, like someone who's too pampered to act and take things seriously. It's bad already when used for girls, but when used for a man it's pretty much an insult, like he doesn't act like a man.
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