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Hello to you all
In a tweet written by an Egyptian film star I read the following line: وأكيد أي حد جاي يتصور معايا وأنا في مصر ومهرجان مصري مش هقوله طلع بطاقتك
What does طلع بطاقتك mean?
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    Presumably his point is that he's not going to insist that everyone proves they're Egyptian (by "getting out their [identity] card") before he agrees to take a photo with them?


    Arabic (Egypt).
    No, it's بطاقة (biTaaqa in fuS7a and beTaa2a in EA) and it refers to البطاقة الشخصية (the Egyptian equivalent of other Arab countries' بطاقة الهوية) : the ID card.
    Talla3 beTa2tak = show me your ID card.
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