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    Dear colleagues,

    What does the phrase فلبي معاك mean and when us it used.
  2. Mahaodeh Senior Member

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    It means 'my heart is with you'. It is used when trying to expression compassion, sympathy, or something similar.
  3. ssbws Member

    Something like على بالي على بالي انتي دايما على بالي :)) ?
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  4. Mahaodeh Senior Member

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    Not exactly. على بالي, literally 'on my mind', used to express that you remember something or someone. In the example you gave, the singer is saying that he always thinks of the one he loves. It is commonly used in this way, but it can be used in a more neutral way, such as saying that you did not forget to do XYZ.

    قلبي معاك is more of telling the person that you feel sad/worried/anxious for them, such as saying it to someone that has just lost a dear one, or someone that is going to take an important exam, or travel for an extended period of time...etc.

    Maybe an Egyptian can confirm, I'm basing this on how these expressions are used by the Egyptians I know, and how it's used in other dialects (they seem to be the same).
  5. cherine

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    You're right, Maha. They're two different expressions. قلبي معاك means I sympathize, I'm feeling for you(r pain). But على بالي means I'm thinking of you, you're on my mind.

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