Ea: هو أنا كل ما أكلمك ألاقيك تبرق لي وتشوح لي انت بتخوفني والا إيه

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    هو انا كل ما اكلمك يا محمد الاقيك تبرق لي وتشوح لي انت بتخوفني ولا ايه؟

    How can one say the above in English?
  2. Pathawi Member

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    Muhammad, am I going to find you just staring at me and gesturing whenever I speak to you? Are you afraid of me or what?

    'Are you afraid of me or what?' might sound a little aggressive. 'Are you afraid of me or something?' sounds less so. If you were angry at Muhammad, you'd be more likely to say the former. If you're really just wondering why he acts this way, you might use the latter.

    I hope that things get better between you and Muhammad soon.

    Bob Offer-Westort
    Oakland, California, USA
  3. إسكندراني

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    Are you trying to frighten me or what?

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