EA: هو انا هالاقيها منك ولا من الشغل

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    هو انا هالاقيها منك ولا من الشغل

    How can one say the above in English?

    More Context:
    يا محمد حرام عليك ما تتعبنيش معاك هو انا هالاقيها منك ولا من الشغل مش كفاية اني تعبان طول اليوم في الشغل. انت جاي تكمل علي
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    These may be particularly American. They are definitely colloquial, but I suppose exasperation usually is:
    The first phrase can also be generalised into: "If it's not one thing, it's another."

    In the second, "to get it from" is a colloquial term meaning "to be pestered by" or "to be reprimanded by" (with context determining the difference).

    While these makes sense in this context, I'm not sure either is always the best translation of the phrase. Is هو أنا هلاقيها من أ. ولّا من ب. always said in a tone of exasperation, or can it also just be bemoaning how hard things are? The translations above suggest a sense of feeling nagged or pestered or harassed. Is that always the sense of the Arabic phrase?

    Bob Offer-Westort
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    Yes, the expression هلاقيها من أ ولاّمن ب or مش عارف ألاقيها من أ ولاّ من ب means that things are so hard for you, from all sides, that you can't focus your energy on one thing, or that it's draining your energy and your strength.

    For example, a working mother who had a tough day at work then has to go home to prepare lunch/dinner and study with the kids and keep telling them to stop playing and do their homework...etc, and then, as if all this is not enough, her husband come back from work and starts asking her to prepare things for him (iron his clothes or prepare a special dishes he feels like eating or whatever else comes to his mind). So, not only doesn't he feel/show any sympathy for his exhausted wife, he also gives her more troubles. You'd expect such a wife to snap:
    حرام عليك! هوّ أنا حلاقيها من الشغل ولاّ من الولاد ولاّ منك؟!

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