EA: هيكلمني في ايه؟

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    I'd like to ask someone تتوقع محمد هيكلمني في ايه؟ او عايزني في ايه؟

    How one can say that in English?

    I mean by هيكلمني في ايه؟ the following: يعني هيناقشني في ايه اثناء المكالمة التليفونية التي طلب ان يجريها معي
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    Literally, the sentences are "what do you expect Muhammad wants to talk to me about?" and "he wants me for what?"

    I suggest:

    What do you suppose he wants to talk to me about?
    Why do you think he wants to talk to me?
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    What do you think he wants to speak to me about?
    What does he want me for? / Why has he asked to speak to me?

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