EA: يا دوب تفك الخط

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    Hello, and thank you for reading.

    Could someone help me with the expression in red below, please? I can't even hazard a guess at the moment.

    ولكن الاب لم يستسلم بسهولة ولذلك قال: انا احمل شهادات عليا وابنتك - يا دوب تفك الخط - ومع ذلك عشنا سعيدين

    "But the father did not give in easily, so he said: 'I hold degrees, whereas your daughter - ? - but in spite of that we have lived [together] happily."
  2. barkoosh Senior Member

    "who can barely read and write"...
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  3. طالب Senior Member

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    Thank you very much for your reply. Please could you explain this translation to help me understand the first three words? :)
  4. cherine

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    يا دوب barely
    تفك untangle
    الخط writing, calligraphy

    This expression is commonly used in Egyptian Arabic to say that someone can barely read (decipher writing). Is the author Egyptian? Please let us know so that I can edit the title accordingly, because this is not MSA.
  5. طالب Senior Member

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    Thank you very much for your clarification, cherine. The text that I have taken the expression from does not cite the author, but the rest of the passage is in MSA, except for the expression this thread relates to and the comment "Habbak buurS".

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