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What does بغدر (baghdour) mean ? I guess it is أَنَا أَغْدِرُ I betray in MSA

Context : سهرت طول الليل ــ فريد الاطرش
بحبه اكثر مابحب روحي
ويقولي بغدر حرام
حرام حرام حرام
حرام يا روحي

My attempt :
I love her more than my soul
And ( she or my soul) told me that being a traitor is a sin/is forbidden (not sure how to translate this verse)
It's a sin , it's a sin .....
It's a sin oh ( my soul /my love)

Thank you

  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    You got the verb right, but not the rest of the sentence. I don't know the song, but these lines mean that he loves her more than he loves himself, yet she calls him a traitor. How unfair!
    7aram here is not related to sin or religion, it's the word we use to say that something is not fair, or too cruel.
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