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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by scetis, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. scetis

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    I'm trying to figure out the best way of asking a friend, or a stranger, if somethings upsetting them. In English of course you could say it in many ways (what's wrong, are you okay, is something bothering you (this is probably the closest) etc)... but I think the question "is something upseting you?" the closest to what I heard a friend say. I think it was something like ايه الحاجات اللي تضيًقك؟ but I'm not sure... whatever it was the guy (a stranger) really opened up and began to talk about all the things that were upsetting him.

    So if someone could just confirm if its what a wrote above or something else that would be great. Thanks.
  2. Hemza

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    I heard it in an Egyptian film, a man told to his wife: "malek?" to ask her what's wrong with her. So I suppose it can be used in this context.
    Or if you want to be closer to your sentence in English, I think it could be: "fi 7aga taza3alak?".
  3. ayed

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    feeh 7aga mza33laak?
  4. إسكندراني

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    Fi: e:h?
    gara e:h?
    7asal e:h?
  5. cherine

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    Just to confirm: yes, the most common question is "maalak" (to a male, and maalek to a female). And the variant: إيه، مالك؟
    or خير، مالك؟
    This needs a little correction إيه اللي مضايقك eelli mDay2ak (the هـ is not really pronounced here, and all three words kind of sound like one: eellimDay2ak?). And this too is a common way to ask what's upsetting them. (the female version is eellimDay2ek).
    If you say إيه الحاجات اللي تضايقك then you're asking about what normally or usually upsets him.

    Like تضايقك , it's more correct to change teza33alak into meza33alaak مزعّلاك (upsetting you now).
  6. Hemza

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    Paris, France
    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    About this expression, in Egyptian, you say "7agat" for plurar instead of "7wayig"?
  7. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    I think some areas use 7awaayeg (maybe the South, but not sure). But the plural used in Cairo and Alex is 7agaat.
  8. khallouki New Member

    the same meaning as asking what make you upset?"angy"

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