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    What word would be the best word in EA to use for delicate as in my daughter's a girl so please don't be to hard on her or stop hitting her, she's delicate (said to the neighbourhood boy!). Is it رقيقة? Also... I don't want to use the word ضعيفة... I think that's something else and has a negative connotation... am I right?
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    It could be henayyina حنينة
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    Yes, it is رقيقة /ra2ee2a/
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    Right, or حساسة sensitive
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    I don't think it has a negative connotation, especially in this context. But in a similar situation, you can go for the boy-girl thing: you're a man (yes, even to a child, this may make him feel proud and responsible, and also ashamed of himself) so how can you hit a girl.
    مش عيب تضرب بنت وانت راجل كدة؟
    إنت راجل وعيب تضرب البنات

    You can also go for the young vs. big: دي صغيرة وحرام عليك تضربها or مش حرام عليك/عيب تضرب بنت صغيرة كدة؟
    7enayyen(a) means tender, warm hearted. It's a different thing.
    I think we can only use this with "feelings" (she gets hurt from bad or rude words).
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    So would be the best one to use with an adult (ie teacher) dealing with a child that's delicate/sensitive? Or would this come across wrong, sort of as an attack on them? I'm trying to imply that the adult isn't over doing it but that the my daughter is a simply sensitive... Thanks.
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    If it is about hurting her feeling, she's sensitive to harsh remarks and public reprimands and the like, then 7assaasa is appropriate أنا بنتي حساسة لأقل كلمة (=the "least" word can hurt her feelings). Explaining this to a teacher may need a bit of "introduction" like:
    معلش أنا آسف، بس يا ريت بلاش (كذا) عشان أنا بنتي حساسة جدًا وأقل كلمة بتأثر في نفسيتها
    ma3lesh, ana aasef, bas(se) ya reet balaash (x) 3ashan benti 7assaasa geddan, we a2al(le) kelma bet2assar fe nafseyyet'ha.

    Replace كذا with whatever it is the teacher did (bad words, shouting, blaming her for something in front of her colleagues...etc).
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