EA: gender of Bitaa3 (Privates)

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    Um. Somewhat delicate question here, and not a subject I normally talk about, but...

    In one of my materials on Egyptian Arabic it says that the particle bitaa3 is used as a noun to refer to someone's private area, example given "baTTal tuhrush bitaa3ak," "stop scratching yourself." If that were addressed to a female, would the word be "bitaa3ik" or would it change to "bita3tik" given the, er, female nature of the meaning?

    Sorry, no idea how to phrase this more politely than I have.
  2. Cead Cascade Senior Member

    Presumably, it should be bitaa3ik. However, this seems to be a common practise by males and hence, from a cultural and gender point of view, it is not used with females as they tend to show more politeness.
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    Is it any different from using the word 'thing' in English? Rather informal for any context I can think of, perhaps except when addressing your own children.

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