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    Ahlan ya gama3a,

    I am translating a blog post into Egyptian and I would like to know an idiomatic way to say the following:

    you will feel a pressure to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.

    Here "make something happen" could be considered to mean "get things moving," "generate a reaction" (this is in the context of performing an improvised skit). What might be an equivalent EA expression?

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    May be : عشان تعمل حاجة
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    I am not sure but I have read somewhere. This structure is used in this case:

    Xalla/yiXalli + imperfect tense.


    Xalli ebuk yishteri lek kitaab gidiid = make your father buy a new book for you.

    Xalli r-rayyis yigiib il-`ahwa = make the waiter bring the coffee.

    But as I said, I am not 100 % sure. A native EA speaker must confirm first.
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