EA/MSA: Arranged marriage

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  1. isabomma Member

    Hi all,
    how would you say "combined marriage" or "combined engagement" both in EA and in MSA?
    A girl and a guy who don't really get to know each other and the family (or someone else) arranges their meeting and engagement.
  2. fdb Senior Member

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    In English it is called "arranged marriage". "Combinato" is Italian.
  3. isabomma Member

    Thanks for the tip... anyway I think it also exists, even if maybe it is not the formal version.
  4. barkoosh Senior Member

    It's زَوَاج مُدَبَّر
  5. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    In EA: جواز صالونات
  6. إسكندراني

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    The meeting is arranged - the engagement may or may not follow.

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