EA: now you are testing my patience

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Hi all,
when someone is being 'rekhem' or 'gheles' and you turn to him (for example a child) and you will tell them 'now you are testing my patience!' or 'are you trying to test my patience' - how would we say this in EA?

here is an explanation from phrasemix.com in case the expression is new
(something) is testing the limits of my patienceWhen people (or things) are really annoying, you can say that they're "testing the limits of your patience".
It's like you're imagining that the annoying things are trying to be as annoying as possible, so that they can find out what will finally make you angry.
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    كدا انت مزوّدها
    كدا زوّدتها
    Maybe add a لا at the start as a form of warning, and say يا فلان at the end. Further suggestions: كفاية كدا أوي، صبري نفد، ح تتعبلي أعصابي، كدا فيها زعل
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