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  1. scetis

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    In EA, what word would you use for otherwise in the following sentence: "Don't touch that otherwise it won't work"... and also, is there more than 1 term that can be used for otherwise (ie in different contexts?).

  2. cherine

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    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    I can think of 2 possibilities:
    wa2ella: ما تلمسوش/تلمسهوش وإلا مش حيشتغل
    la7san: ما تلمسوش/تلمسهوش لحسن مش حيشتغل

    For other contexts, you may need to give us other examples.
  3. suma Senior Member

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    That's a new one I've never heard. Any idea what it's derived from?
  4. dkarjala Senior Member

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    It's from احسن 'better'. The Badawi-Hinds dictionary lists احسن and لحسن as alternatives meaning 'lest' and even 'because' in situations like "take my keys because I'm leaving (better since I'm leaving anyway)" or "don't talkloud lest he hear us" (better that he doesn't hear us). Perhaps someone else has a more researched answer.
  5. cherine

    cherine Moderator

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    Who can give a better answer? :)

    And thanks for reminding me of أحسن, I can't believe I forgot it!
  6. vinyljunkie619 Senior Member

    algerian arabic/american english
    I have heard people use the word "tara"
    Leave otherwise I will make you leave... e5roj tara a5arrajak
  7. dkarjala Senior Member

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    الله يخليكي يا شيرين، انا مبسوط انك راضية عن اجابتي:cool:
  8. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    This is not Egyptian, right? The thread is about EA (Egyptian Arabic), so if you give examples from other dialects, you need to specify this أحسن/لحسن تلخبط الناس :)
    العفو يا فندم :)
  9. إسكندراني

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    Also ألّا (alla)
    متلمسوش ألا ما يشتغلش

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