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    I just picked up a 1927 collection of readings entitled Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Reader. The readings are all in a somewhat confusing phonetic transcription which makes identifying words I don't know a little difficult. I've been able to figure out most of the first anecdote except for two words. The beginning of the story is:

    كان مرة واحد شاويش جه جديد مالأرياف. ولما كان في الشغل في الكناكون وقفواه عالتلفون علشان ياخذ الإشارات. فمرة مالمرات لما دق الجرس وضع السماعة على وذنه وقال "مين؟" فقال له "أنا الحكمدار."

    I'm transcribing that from the transliteration into Arabic letters because I think it's easier to read. I hope I haven't made it worse. The final sentence is:

    ʔam rɒma‿s samma:ʕa min‿i:du w‿idda taʕzi:m, wi sa:b‿il hikimda:r min ge:r fajda!

    (If you don't have a font that shows IPA characters, the عربيزي version might be:

    2am rama s-sammaa3a min iidu w-idda ta3z'iim, wi saab il-7ikimdaar min geer fayda!)

    The word I'm having difficulty with is the second: rɒma. (I'm guessing that ge:r is a mistake, & is meant to represent غير. Or is there a word جير that makes sense here that I just don't know?) Here it is in Arabic script as best I can figure out, with that particular word just spelled phonetically:

    قام رَمَ الساماعة من يده وادى تعظيمو وساب الحكمدار من غير فائدة!

    Any ideas what this word might be? Also, am I wrong in thinking that ge:r is just a misrepresentation of غير? Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.

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    It's رَمَى (dropped).
    I think you're right about غير.
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    Ah! That makes sense! Thank you.
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    I love the way this is written, it sounds very pleasant!

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