EA: to last a long time, not to run out quickly

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  1. londonmasri Senior Member

    Hi everyone,

    What is the most common way to say the following in Egyptian Arabic:

    It will last a long time. (it doesn't run out quickly)

    E.g. the really good thing about this perfume is that it lasts a (really) long time.

    In this post ustuhlikt استهلكت we discussed istahlak; is it possible/natural to say di mesh ha-tustahlak besor3a (it won't run out quickly)?

    As these two phrases are two sides of the same coin I have put them in one post.
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  2. rayloom Senior Member

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Arabic (Hijazi Arabic)
    ha-t3eesh ma3aak fatra 6weelah
    ha-tifDal fatra (mudda) 6weela

    the really good thing about this perfume is that it lasts a (really) long time
    mizt el-colonia di ennaha b-tifDal (b-it3eesh) ma3aak fatra 6weela 2awi
  3. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    I agree with Rayloom's suggestion. I would only replace the translation "ee" with "ii".
    There's also the verb yo23od يقعد that can mean "to remain" in such a context, beside its meaning "to sit" and "to stay".
    Speaking of perfumes and makeup, we also use the verb يثبت (where the ث is pronounced as a س of course :) ):
    الحلو/الحاجة الحلوة في البرفان دا إنه بيثبت فترة طويلة
    el7elw/el7aaga 'l-7elwa fel-parfaan/barfaan dah enno byesbat fatra/fetra Tawiila.
    or: إنه مش بيروح بسرعة
    enno mesh beyruu7 besor3a.
    As we discussed in that thread, yostahlak means "to be worned out", so I don't think it can work in this context.
  4. londonmasri Senior Member

    Thank you, Rayloom and Cherine; this is very helpful.

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