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    Hi all,

    I recently heard the wonderful song by Youssra El-Hawary called في الشارع (I definitely recommend finding it on YouTube :) )

    I have a question regarding the conjugation of all the verbs: why are they in second person?

    For example:
    فيه ناس بتلعب كره في الشارع
    وناس بتمشي تغني تاخذ صورة في الشارع

    Is this just an artistic/lyrical conjugation? Substituting everything with third person would make sense would rhyme just fine...

    Any suggestions as to why this is? Is it because she's talking about الناس ?

  2. dkarjala Senior Member

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    In Egyptian and other dialects, when the speaker is picturing a plural noun as a single collective, هي forms can be used for the verb. It's not second person, in fact, but 3rd person feminine singular. It is also possible to use masculine plural verbs with ناس, it depends on the 'psychological' grammar the speaker has in mind.
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  3. tr463 Senior Member

    Biggest :rolleyes: moment of my life... of course it could also be 3rd person feminine singular!! For some reason, I was equating it to the English usage of "you people" or something similar. Thanks! :)

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