EA: will still / will no longer

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Ahleen ya gamaa3a,

So in EA, we would express "he is still living here" or "he is no longer living here" like this:
لسه ساكن هنه
ما عادش ساكن هنه
Mish kidda? But how would we express those in the future, to say "he will still be living here" or "he will no longer be living here"?

My guesses:

لسه هيكون ساكن (يسكن؟) هنه
مش هيعود ساكن (يسكن؟) هنه

These don't feel right to me. Can anybody help?

Alf shukr.
  • tomthumb

    my best guess would be to use the word برضه instead of لسه here...برضه هيسكن هنا او برضه هيقعد هنا sounds right to me for some odd reason...but still wait for a native to confirm this :)
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