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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by scetis, Feb 6, 2013.

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    In English when someone breaks up with someone or fires them you will many times hear them say something along the lines of "Sorry, it's not working out" or "Sorry, it's just not going to work"... the 'it' obviously being the job or relationship. I guess it's just a more polite way of sharing bad news.

    In Egypt, what would be the equivalent to that expression? Or, what would be the most polite (yet clearly understood way) of saying "You're fired" or "I no longer want to see you"?

    And would be it be the same for both an employer and in a relationship?
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    If 'it' is just being used as a dummy subject, referring to the overall situation, you could use use the feminine "مش بتنفع" for "it's not working out" and "مش حتنفع" for "it's just not going to work out"

    If you have a specific subject in mind (x is not working out) then, of course, you use مش بينفع/بتنفع and مش حينفع/حتنفع depending on the grammatical gender of the job, relationship, etc, that is not working out.

    There may be other expressions.

    I know the usual ways to say "you're fired." Not sure about politer ways. Maybe للأسف لازم نتركك. You'll have to wait for those more knowledgeable than me in these matters.:)
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    I can't think of a "polite" way to fire someone. Maybe the movie-cliché الشركة مستغنية عن خدماتك or مضطرين نستغنى عن خدماتك .

    As for the general "it won't work out", I agree with Josh. If you're hiring someone/a handiman (?) to do a job for you and he gives you more trouble than service, then you can tell him: كدة مش حينفع يا فلان. أنا مضطر أشوف حد تاني يعمل لي الشغلانة دي

    Between a couple, the one ending the relationship can tell the other إحنا مش حينفع نِكَمَّل مع بعض .

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