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    I wanted to say to someone, "She said that she would have done the same thing as you" (a guy had built a little gazebo on his roof and a lady was saying that she too would have done the same thing if it was here house)

    So I said, "قالت، كنت عملت نفسة حاجة" but judging by the look on his face, I didn't say it right.

    Could some one help me, and especially with a rule for the 'would have' construction (or direct me to a post)?

  2. muhammad2012 Senior Member

    قالت لو كان بيتي , لكنت فعلت نفس الشيء مثلك

    لو لم تكن تأكل كثيرا لكنت قد فقدت وزنك


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    He is asking about Egyptian, brother Muhammad.
    قالت إنها كات عملت نفس اللي انت عملته / نفس الحاجة
    but this literal translation isn't good to use. It's better to say:
    بتقول إنه عجبها
    or something like that.
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    Why isn't it good? :confused: It's perfectly correct, and commonly used.
    لو كانت مكانك كانت عملت نفس الحاجة/ كانت عملت زيَّك

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