each claims its own distinctive style of this musical form

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I have to complete the text choosing the correct answer for each empty space. The text is called 'Jazz' and it's its very beginning

Jazz has many homes. Kansas City, Chicago, New York, San Francisco - each __(1) its own __(2) style of this musical form. But jazz has only one birthplace and that, indisputably, is New Orleans.
a) gives; b) claims; c) demands; d) insists
a) characteristic; b) unique; c) distinctive; d) unordinary
The right variants by the answer sheet you can see in the head of this topic. The author of this test book isn't a native. I've already met numerous errors in it. So my answers were (1) - 'gives'; (2) - 'unique'. Are they possible or the only right ones are as were mentioned above?
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    I would have chosen the originals: claims/distinctive. But I can see why you'd be confused about the choices for #2. As for #1, there is only one answer for me: claims.
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