each other Necessary Authorisation

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How would you render "each other Necessary Authorisation" in French in the following sentence:

"With respect to each other Necessary Authorisation, the Borrower shall obtain and maintain in full force and effect or cause the Telecom Agency to obtain or maintain in full force and effect, each such Necessary Authorisation and shall ensure that no such Necessary Authorisation is breached"

My attempt: "En ce qui concerne l’autre autorisation nécessaire...."
  • ymc

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    I understand from it that each party would need the other party's authorisation - if this is the case, a possible translation would be:

    concernant l'autorisation mutuelle obligatoire/nécessaire

    but maybe in your context, authorisation can be translated with "consentement"
    thus you could say "Concernant/En ce qui concerne le consentement mutuel nécessaire, ...."
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