1. skittlek88 Member

    New Jersey
    U.S.A.- English
    Does anyone know how to say "ear infection" in French? THANKS!!
  2. somody Senior Member

    Une infection d'oreille
    Une transmission d'oreille
  3. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    If it's the same as an "otitis", you can say «otite».
  4. somody Senior Member

    Oh! Je ne l'ai jamais su. Merci.

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  5. Mampa_Anne Member

    English - England
    Hi, I have a french aural exam this afternoon and I have an ear infection. I was wondering if anyone knew a way of telling my examiner "I have an ear infection so i can't hear well.". Thanks in advance :D x
  6. kop1a7x

    kop1a7x Senior Member

    "J'ai une infection à l'oreille, par conséquent je n'entends pas très bien"
    Tout simplement
  7. debillot Senior Member

    I've been suffering from a bad ear infection all week.

    Could I say

    J'ai souffert de maux d'oreilles toute la semaine?

    Merci d'avance.
  8. MargauXnx Member

    I'd translate "ear infection" into "otite", even though an "otite" is not always due to an infection.

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