Early Care and Education (masc + fem)

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    I'm not sure if I should use...
    Cuidado y Educación Temprano or Temprana
    when there is one adjective that describes two nouns, one that is masculine and one that is feminine.

    Do I need to add a different adjective, like...
    Cuidado Infantil y Educación Temprana

    This is the name of a class in a High School called "Fundamentals of Early Care and Education".

  2. mr. freckle Senior Member

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    If there are two names and one of them is masculine, the adjective must be masculine, and plural of course.

    Cuidado y Educación Tempranos.

  3. chocolatedecanela Member

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    I'm a year late to this discussion, but do any Spanish speakers or translators out there have familiarity with a translation for the term "Early care and education"? I have seen "cuidado y educación tempranos" a few times but I'm nervous that it is too literal and implies that the care and education is EARLY, rather than talking about care and education for young children, which is what the EARLY really refers to.

    Would "cuidado y educación de edad temprana" sound better?

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