Early morning breeze

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Hello All,

How will I express "early morning breeze" in Latin? Can I write:

aura primo mane

What would be the expression "fresh early morning breeze" ?
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    How about simply aura matutina? With all respect to Starless74 (# 2) I don't see that necessarily it has to be frigida.
    Hi Scholiast
    Do you mean there is no difference between ''early morning breeze'' and ''fresh early morning breeze''? Do you think that a 'morning breeze' is fresh par définition... or do you interpret 'fresh' as other than 'cool'? You should try the early morning breeze in Milan these days (abt. 26°Centigrade). :D
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    @bearded # 5

    Ha! it was 38° C at London's Heathrow Airport a couple of days ago. But serious question, which you may be able to answer: fresco (= frêche/Engl. 'fresh') feels like an originally Latin word, but for the moment I am stumped to think of what its origin is.


    Edit: I now see that it is actually Germanic in origin: fresh | Search Online Etymology Dictionary. An unusual specimen of ur-Germanismus pervading the Romance legacy languages. Interesting.
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