Earth’s putative prehuman civilizations may well be off-world


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I don't understand the logic of "Earth’s putative prehuman civilizations may well be off-world." If off world refers to other planet, how could it be called Earth's prehuman civilization? Is he joking?

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“I find it amazing that no one had worked all this out before, and I’m really glad that somebody has taken a closer look at it,” says Pennsylvania State University astronomer Jason Wright, who last year published “a fluffy little paper” exploring the counterintuitive notion that the best place to find evidence of any of Earth’s putative prehuman civilizations may well be off-world. If, for instance, dinosaurs built interplanetary rockets, presumably some remnants of that activity might remain preserved in stable orbits or on the surfaces of more geologically inert celestial bodies such as the moon.

-Scientific American

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    He means that there might have been prior civilisations who left earth millions of years ago.


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    If it was built on the Earth, and fired into space, it's now off-world. Evidence of ancient Dinosapiens on the Earth would have been wiped out by geological change, but relics that made it to the Moon would still be preserved there.
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