earth-shattering hump

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Hien Pham

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There is a context like this: the girl wants to join the con team, so she asked the thief (Will Smith - "Focus") to let her in by saying:

- Can we skip the part where I speak through thinly veiled allure and lead you to believe there's some earth-shattering hump in the works? Because I suck at that. I just want in.
- No earth-shattering hump in the works?

"Earth-shattering hump" is about sex but I don't know how to translate "earth-shattering" exactly. can you enlighten me please?
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    "Earth-shattering" is an overstatement -- an exaggeration. It suggests that the sexual experience will be so overwhelming that it will change the world -- or, at least all the person's ideas about the world.

    This link leads to examples showing how the phrase is used in current media: in context
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