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Hello everyone,

I have a hard time understanding the meaning of "earthy" in this passage:

"Mom didn’t smoke. Except for her love of cheese, she was pretty much a health nut. She did yoga. She meditated. She wore an earthy-smelling perfume, except when she was at work"

It is a novel about a woman opening a cheese shop with her daughter. I can't understand if "earthy" means:
- the perfume smelled like earth (and leaves, and trees, etc.)
- the perfume was very simple
- the perfume was gross/rough (unlikely)
Thanks in advance!
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    "Earthy-smelling" would be smelling like (or reminiscent of) earth and organic materials like wood, moss, leaves, and that sort of thing. You could compare it to food - mushrooms taste earthy, and so do some multi-grain breads, brown rice, squash. Earthy scents in a perfume might be cedar, pine, patchouli, leather, spices... all natural. Pretty much the opposite of a lot of flowery, sweet, artificial perfumes - more like some colognes.
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