ease instructors' burden


Can I say that First of all, such a chance can help me improve my communication skills. Second, I can ease instructors' burden.

Is "ease instructors' burden " a correct phrase?

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    Yes, "ease instructors' burden" can mean "reduce teachers' workload"—but what is "it" that can do this?

    Can you give us a complete sentence? It's very difficult to comment helpfully on isolated phrases.


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    Hi Snail :) This is the first time we've heard about "teaching assistant," which is why we're all so confused. It's part of the context that it would be good to supply with your original question (for future reference).

    Close to your original:
    Being a teaching assistant will help me improve my communication skills, and
    could help ease the instructor's workload.

    Shorter and more to the point:
    As a teaching assistant, I could improve my communication skills and help ease the instructor's workload.
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