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US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual
يندمج في شيء

This translation doesn’t convey the core element of “ease into,” which is that you’re gently getting into something. Also, يندمج doesn’t seem to be appropriate. An example of this usage would be “I eased into my new shoes.”
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    US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    I just realized there are more issues.

    The first two senses are the same, as are the next two. There are two of each only because “yourself” is optional in English. Each pair should be translated the same way in Arabic.

    يستريح is not an appropriate translation. “eased into the chair” means “sat down gently,” as opposed to forcefully or abruptly. Whether or not the purpose of sitting was to rest is irrelevant. Also, you could ease into a pair of shoes, for example, where “rest” obviously wouldn’t make sense.


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