Easier to learn Japanese or Chinese after learning Korean?

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by mke48, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. mke48 New Member

    I am a native English speaker and have learned Korean up to the beginner-intermediate level. I have also studied about the 100 most common Hanja. I know that Japanese is very similar grammatically to Korean, but I do struggle alot with the Korean grammar when I try to understand long sentences. However I read that Kango only makes up 18% of words in speech. But I have heard it is easier to learn to speak and listen in Japanese than Korean, which really appeals to me since I want to focus on speaking and listening before learning to read and write well

    I want to know if it easier to learn Chinese or Japanese after learning Korean? Do Japanese speakers learn Korean faster than Chinese speakers?
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  2. juiceholic New Member

    Hello mke48,
    Being a Korean, I admit that the japanese pronunciation is much easier, but you have to know that the japanese pronunciation is TOTALLY different from Korean language. Its not to discrimate but seriously, there are many koreans who speaks japanese perfectly, meanwhile most of japanese find difficult to pronunciate korean words because of lack of vocals. It means that, korean pronunciation is much difficult than japanese. Chinese? worse.
    I don't know what is your most concerned study: grammar or conversation; but I can say either both needs a hard work at all. take one and study full :D
  3. BrightWarmWater New Member

    Japanese and Korean language are very close to each other. They have almost the same sequences of verbs that make up sentences like English and German. Also they have a lot of words that sound alike, eg, [In-gan] in Korean and [Nin-gen] in Japanese are the sound of Chinese characters, 人間, meaning "human-being"(as a member(s) in a sort of relationship). Therefore, I think you will learn Japanese more easily if you are quite familiar with Korean.


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