Easter Brunch


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Spain-Spanish, France-French
Hi everybody!

I have been invited to join my American adviser and his family for Easter Brunch.

Could everybody tell me what it is about?? Any Spanish translation??

Thank you very much!!
  • Txiri

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    'Brunch' is a coined word meaning a cross between breakfast and lunch. In the USA, it's the noon-time meal, and typical fare might be: eggs benedict, fruit, and mimosas or bloody marys to drink (if alcohol is served).

    Now this being an Easter Brunch, maybe they have something different in mind.


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    Spain-Spanish, France-French
    Thank you very much Txiri!!

    I was especially curious about what time it was going to be and if it was something very religious but I guess this is just about eating:)

    Happy to learn that and again, thank you!