Easy, you just don't lead them so much.

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Source: Full Metal Jacket (1987), a British-American film about the Vietnam War.

A door gunner says he killed over a hundred people.
Joker: Any women or children?
Door Gunner: Sometimes.
Joker: How can you shoot women and children?
Door Gunner: Easy, you just don't lead them so much.

Could you explain his answer? What is the meaning of the verb "lead" here?

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    When a hunter shoots at a moving target, he must aim a little ahead of where the target is currently located to take account of the fact that the target will have moved between the time he pulls the trigger and the time the bullet arrives. This is called "leading the target". The door gunner is saying that you don't have to lead women and children as much as you do men (that is, you don't aim as far in front of their current location) because they run slower than men do.


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    From our Random House dictionary for "lead"
    1. the act of aiming a gun ahead of a moving target.
    2. the distance ahead of a moving target that a gun must be aimed in order to score a direct hit.
    The response here is an attempt at sick humor.
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