Eat her out with a silver spoon


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I found a weird rhyme in the Russian segment of the net, that is said to be a song that american (canadian?) soldiers used to shout in bootcamp.

It goes like this: One mad girl from Saskartoon! Eat her out with a silver spoon!

Now they translate this into Russian as "she f***ed herself with a silver spoon". But it doesn't make sense, even grammatically, cause eat her out sounds not only like an imperative mood but the phrase itself has a different meaning altogether.

What does it mean, and what does silver spoon has to do with eating a girl out?:)
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    1. A search shows that "One mad girl from Saskartoon Saskatoon! Eat her out with a silver spoon!" exists only on Russian websites.
    2. The translation seems to be unrelated to the actual words
    3. Eat her out with a silver spoon! is meaningless
    4. Eat her out is indeed the imperative.
    5. Eat her out = have cunnilingus (oral sex) with her - you will see that a silver spoon would not help.
    6. The reference to "silver spoon" is incorrect use figuratively, as "silver spoon" is usually used on reference to privilege and wealth. See Urban Doctionary at Urban Dictionary: silver spoon.

    In short we can say that there are some Russians with a good, but rather coarse imagination but little regard for anything resembling accuracy.


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    As Benny already said; the point is that being born
    1. with inherited wealth ('with a silver spoon in your mouth')
    2. poor (without)
    makes no difference in the context of oral sex.
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