Eat it slowly

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Monica and I arrived early at an English Corner (a place where people speak English, practice spoke English), so she went and bought a meal. When she was eating, the hosts came and I went to talk to the hosts, but before I left, I said to her "Eat it slowly". Of course, we all were in the same place, where the English Corner was held.

I wonder if "Eat it slowly" is natural to mean "Please don't be in a hurry and eat your dinner slowly".

Thanks a lot
  • Myridon

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    "Eat slowly" (I wouldn't put "it" in this particular context) seems to be a specific instruction on how to eat. She has been ordered move her utensils slowly, to chew slowly, to swallow slowly. That's very different from "Don't hurry." or "Don't rush." or "Take your time." She's allowed to eat at a normal speed if she wants to or she can eat quickly and just wait.
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