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- My 15 year old nephew just finished his dinner but there are some leftovers. I would like to tell him to finish all of them. May I say use these small sentences in this context?

"Eat it up! kiddo"
"Finish them all! Young man"
"Finish all of them! mate"

Thanks so much,

  • KHS

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    Just a note: I would not put an exclamation point between the end of the command and the term you are using to address your nephew.

    Eat it (all) up, kiddo!
    Finish it all, young man!
    Finish all of it, mate!

    As an American, 'mate' sounds Australian to me, and I wouldn't use it in the US.

    I also think that 'kiddo' is not used very often (well, not among the people I know), and I think of it as being something I hear more in movies from the 1940s than a contemporary term of address. However, that might not be accurate.
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