eat one's head off

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by knarr, May 17, 2009.

  1. knarr Senior Member

    Does anybody know what does "to eat oneself's head off" (in the case, "he ate his head off") ? It's "pure" english
  2. baldpate

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    Hi knarr,

    it is a very colloquial way of say "to eat excessively", "to eat a very great deal/a lot". The "head off" part can be used with a few other verbs, too (for example, "She screamed her head off, when she saw the dead man", or "You can shout your head off - nobody will hear you!").

    Maybe "mangiare a più non posso" ???
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  3. Joey. Senior Member

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    It can mean that (to eat a lot or do something a lot), but it might also mean to get really annoyed at someone or to be very abrupt with someone. Such as "to bite one's head off." But it depends on the context, I think.

    If you use "eat" rather than "bite" it probably means to do (eating, etc.) excessively.

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    In italiano direi che si è abbuffato, ma sarebbe meglio vedere un po di contesto. Si tratta cmq di un'espressione colloquiale.
  5. rubuk

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    Buongiorno. Se proprio si deve usare una raffigurazione, io direi "si è poi mangiato i piatti e anche il tavolo. Ovviamente nel contesto di cibarie e alimentazione.


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